Why choose Mahad Manpower services?

Our company is a renowned and top company in staffing and recruitment with an extensive amount of expertise in managing the demands in Manpower Recruitment Consulting assistance, Human Resource Services and Recruitment Consultancy.

in the this sector of Mahad Manpower , our expertise is in offering support as a specialist who can offer a variety of possibilities to international job seekers. To facilitate this, we’ve obtained an international certification and authorization to recruit in international locations.

International recruitment is conducted in nations such as:

International recruitment is conducted in nations such as:
  • Bangladesh
  • Philippines
  • Nepal
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • India

The Recruitment Agents of an Overseas Job providing advice

The hiring executives of an international consultancy begin searching for the ideal candidate to satisfy their clients by searching for through the data of the business. They solicit references to find the most qualified candidate. The job websites are a vast database of job applicants from other countries that can assist in consulting abroad.

After they’ve found the perfect candidate’s resume The agent seeking to hire will arrange an interview phone. It’s an interview for potential applicants. The recruiter will discuss his abilities and informs the applicant of the job opportunities that are available. The recruiter decides on what type of job the candidate can do and then determines if the candidate is the right fit. The recruiter also instruct the candidate on the working environment and the particular challenges that the job entails and also regarding the possibility of reallocation.

The recruiter will present his resume to the employers to determine if the candidate meets the requirements of the job. In the next step, he submits his resume, along with his updated personal information . He waits for confirmation of the candidate.

Global Mobility

The globalization strategies need employees who is constantly on the move.


You’ll have to search for new sources to help to achieve your business’s success.

Global compensation

Our experts can assist in making sure that employees are happy with benefits

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