Who are the domestic workers ?

Domestic workers make up a substantial part of the people in informal occupations and are among the most vulnerable groups in the workforce. These are private household workers and are usually employed without any specific conditions of employment. They aren’t recognized in any official publication and therefore are not protected by labor laws. As of now, there are 67 million domestic workers in the world which does not include children as domestic workers. The number of domestic workers is growing steadily in both developed and developing countries. While a substantial portion of males work in the field as drivers, gardeners or butlers, it’s extremely feminine with the majority of domestic workers are women.

They could be required to do tasks such as cleaning up the kitchen laundry, ironing clothes, taking care of children, elderly or sick members of the family and securing the home, driving the familyaround, or looking after pets of the home.

They might be expected to perform duties such as:

Domestic workers can work on
  • Cleaning the home Cooking, Washing, Ironing.
  • Caring for children, older or sick of the family.
  • Driving the family
  • Securing the house
  • Caring for pets of the house.
  • May work on full-time or part-time basis

Domestic workers can work on

Domestic workers may be employed either on a full-time or a part-time basis. They may be employed by a single household or by a number of employers. The worker could live within the workplace or household that they work for (live-in employees) or in their house (live-out ). A domestic worker may work in a country that they are not considered a citizen, thereby being called a domestic worker who is a foreign national.

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